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The Museum of Black Beauty is dedicated to collecting, contextualizing and curating the history of Black Women’s beauty culture in 20th Century America and beyond. Through The Museum, this glamorous, triumphant, yet complicated and challenging history is made available to students, educators and the general public via virtual presentation. We specificity aim to elevate and center the voices of Black women by allowing them to narrate their own experiences, rather than merely existing as a cursory topic for others to make commentary. For these reasons we value your contribution to The Museum via photos and/or artifacts (crowns, dresses, sashes, medallions, trophies, programs, thank yous, etc). The great advantage of digital history is that the item remains in your possession. We only request high resolution images of the photo(s) or artifact(s) and permission to publish. Should the item meet standard requirements for historical documentation, we readily and appreciatively accept it as a donation to be displayed and archived for generations to come.

Please fill out the form and attach a high-resolution image of the item you wish to donate

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